Welcome to Autism Trafford

Whether you or someone you care for has Autism or you work with Autism you will find information and links to support, services and forthcoming events in Trafford.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback about anything on the website please feel free to get in touch using the contact form.



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  • Written about 3 weeks ago
    Excellent article on physical therapy for hypermobility https://t.co/Za3QLVqkyj
  • Written about 5 weeks ago
    BBC News - Blue badge permits: People with 'hidden disabilities' to be eligible https://t.co/3dJHwp0ard
  • Written about 4 months ago
    Raise awareness for World Autism Awareness month with this viral challenge, pls RT: https://t.co/huC7GHttUa… https://t.co/nWi6qNO8sy
  • Written about 4 months ago
    100 ways to support autistic children and adults #AutismAwarenessMonth https://t.co/FmLjELVLGo
  • Written about 5 months ago
    Participatory autism research seminar at Manchester Museum from Autism@Manchester https://t.co/2bWnP9PjMp
  • Written about 6 months ago
    We have 2 drop-ins happening this week- women's group at Sale Life Centre cafe tomorrow (Tuesday) 1-2.30pm, and our… https://t.co/rRg769Po0E
  • Written about 7 months ago
    Our next drop-in is on tomorrow (Thursday 3rd January) at Agsma from 6-8pm
  • Written about 8 months ago
    6 things to remember on your worst mental health days."Mental health is something we all have, and as with physical… https://t.co/sw4wnjOhGc